Singer-DJ Boy George says Caitlyn Jenner is a powerful example of how the world has changed.

Jenner, whose debut last month on the cover of Vanity Fair has been widely praised, stars in E!'s upcoming reality series I Am Cait, which is set to premiere on Sunday.

“The power of being yourself is so huge,” Boy George, who is best known for fronting Culture Club, told the AP. “I mean you see it with Caitlyn Jenner, at this point being allowed to be who she is is so powerful it's permeating everything.”

“Before becoming Boy George, you know, being famous, I used to walk around dressed up like that all the time. And people would punch me, people would attack me,” he said, referring to his androgynous look.

“But it didn't stop me doing it. … It made me want to do it more. Is the irony thing.”

“Obviously, there's a lot of work to be done in the world. But I feel that we're, you know, here and there we're kind of moving towards the kind of world I wanted to live in when I was 17. Where it actually doesn't matter who you love. Who you're going to marry. What sexuality you are. The ideal world would be where we don't judge people on their 'otherness,' we embrace that otherness. That's what Culture Club was all about,” he added.