Former president Jimmy Carter on Wednesday reiterated his belief that Jesus would have supported marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples.

The one-term Democratic president is currently pitching his latest book A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety.

In an interview with the AP, Carter, an ordained Baptist minister, said that his faith is the basis for his opposition to most abortions. But he added that he's concluded that Jesus Christ would be a supporter of marriage equality.

“He always was for the downtrodden, the outcast, the despised, people who had suffered in the past from discrimination,” said Carter. “The number one word we ascribe to Jesus would be love. When two people are honestly in love and they want to bind their love affair in a more legal fashion through marriage and it doesn't hurt anyone else, then I don't see why Jesus wouldn't have been for it.”

Carter made a similar declaration last week during an interview with HuffPost Live.