Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative group Family Research Council (FRC), said on Wednesday that gay marriage will lead to a surge in prison population.

Perkins, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, was asked by a caller on his Washington Watch radio program why the government doesn't just get out of the marriage business.

Perkins answered that the government plays a critical role in fostering the wellbeing of children and warned that the Supreme Court's recent ruling striking down gay marriage bans in all 50 states will “exacerbate” societal problems such as mass incarceration.

“Government has a vested interested in seeing those children grow up with a mother and a father,” Perkins told his listeners. “Now they've changed that policy, obviously, with this and we’re going to suffer the social consequences as a result.”

“When you look at, for instance, our prison system today, and there’s a lot of effort, some of which I’m involved in, prison reform to try to scale back the prison population which is getting out of control. But 70 percent of most of the men in the prison have had little or no interaction with a father in their life. That’s why you saw about a decade and a half ago fatherhood initiatives. There is a direct correlation between increased social costs and the breakup of the family and this will only exacerbate that situation and take us further down this path,” he added.

Elsewhere on the program, Perkins claimed that since the justices “ignored the constitution” when they “trampled marriage and our First Amendment freedom of religion” the high court will soon go after the freedom of speech and gun rights.