Conservative activist Wayne Allyn Root said Friday that divorce attorneys were the real winners in the Supreme Court's ruling declaring state bans on gay marriage unconstitutional.

Appearing on Joyce Kaufman's radio show, Root predicted that “gays will never stay married.”

“Marriage is the most difficult thing in the world,” he said. “I’m talking to you as someone who has been married 24 years. Marriage is so difficult that if you do not go to church every Sunday and your whole life isn’t built on a bedrock faith in God and you don’t have kids and your whole life isn’t built around those kids and none of that’s in place and you’re married, the odds of you staying married are close to zero.”

“Divorces will now triple. Gays will never stay married. They just bought themselves the biggest bunch of unhappiness and legal bills that they could ever imagine.”

He added that it was a “good day for the Republican Party,” because the ruling “hands us the election” since the issue will vanish.