Christian conservative Bryan Fischer warned his radio listeners on Monday that the Supreme Court ruling declaring state bans on gay marriage unconstitutional will lead millions to hell.

On his Focal Point radio show, Fischer, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, said that the five justices who backed the majority opinion will one day have to answer to God.

“On Friday, the Supreme Court made it easier for people to go to Hell,” Fischer said. “They now have some accountability before God because they have made it easier for people to reject the truth of the Scripture about eternal salvation. This is a serious and a sobering thing and the majority on the Supreme Court is going to need to answer for this one day.”

“The Supreme Court jeopardized the eternal souls of millions of Americans on Friday by justifying the sin of homosexuality. It communicated, I believe, an exceedingly dangerous message on Friday that homosexual marriage and homosexuality are not perversions to be renounced but a constitutional right or constitutional rights that are to be celebrated and promoted.”

“So the court has moved millions of impressionable Americans one giant step further away from repentance and eternal life,” he added.