Conservative commentator Glenn Beck warned Friday that having secured marriage, gay rights activists will now turn to stripping the rights of everyone else.

Beck told his radio listeners that the Supreme Court's decision striking down gay marriage bans will “change everything.”

“This is going to change everything. They have now changed the definition of marriage,” Beck said. “That's not really what I'm concerned about. I am concerned about now, what this means to you, if you believe in traditional marriage.”

“[In] the coming days, you will see that [tolerance for gay couples] is not what this is going to mean.”

“You said this is about love. You said this is about who you love. Is it? Because now it must stop. Now you're on equal footing. Now are you going to say, 'I want to crush you and your rights?' And that is what's coming. Our churches had better wake up, because game is no now.”

Beck added that because his Mormon church will not perform gay weddings he was at risk of losing his broadcasting license.

“This could mean the end of radio broadcasts like mine,” Beck said. “I am on now public airwaves regulated by the federal government. If I say, or anybody on this show says they're for traditional marriage, which I am in my personal life ... that now puts this radio broadcast in jeopardy because we are on federally regulated airwaves. I will tell you that I am going to begin, today, looking for other vehicles besides the radio broadcast just so, in a two year period, should somebody start to mount this, what does that mean?”