Pastor Kevin Swanson of Generations with Vision Ministry claimed last week that allowing gay couples to marry will lead to the “burning” of Christians.

Swanson reacted angrily to Tony Campolo's announcement of support for the inclusion of gay Christian couples in the church.

Campolo, who is best known for counseling former President Bill Clinton, said in a statement that he would welcome gay couples into the pews because “marriage should always be primarily about spiritual growth.”

Swanson told his listeners that the Roman Emperor Nero invented same-sex marriage and that he's “never content to just do his homo thing.”

“[Nero is] going to burn Christians. Homosexuality is going to be in the closet or Christians will be in the fire,” he said. “Nero is out of the closet and Nero is hell-bent to burn Christians and endorse homosexual marriage.”

“This is the very essence of the most evil forces that have ever existed in the history of the world as recorded in Revelation 17. So, please understand that Nero is never content just to do his homo thing, he's got to torch Christians in his gardens,” Swanson added.