Democrats, Independents and Republicans are just as likely to say that marriage equality is “inevitable.”

According to a Pew Research Center telephone poll of 2,002 adults conducted May 12-18, 57 percent of Americans say that gay and lesbian couples should be given equal access to marriage, while 39 percent remain opposed.

“This is the highest level of support measured for same-sex marriage in nearly 20 years of Pew Research Center polling on the issue,” pollsters wrote in releasing the results.

While only 34 percent of Republicans support marriage equality, they (72%) are just as likely as Democrats (72%) and Independents (74%) to say that its recognition is “inevitable.”

Pollsters also asked respondents their views on whether homosexuality conflicts with religious beliefs.

A majority of respondents (54%) said there is no conflict, while 43 percent said there was either a lot (33%) or a little (10%) conflict.