Televangelist Pat Robertson last week warned of a government “vendetta” against opponents of gay marriage if the Supreme Court strikes down state gay marriage bans.

The high court will rule this month in a case challenging bans in Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky. The ruling could abolish the nation's remaining 13 bans.

“Isn't it chilling to think that a practice that was abhorrent and stigmatized for so many years has now become the dominant weapon of the Left to hurt those who share traditional values?” he rhetorically asked his The 700 Club viewers.

Robertson said that the case was analogous to the Supreme Court's 1983 decision in Bob Jones University v. US, in which the court found that the IRS did not violate the Constitution when it revoked the university's tax exempt status over its rules barring interracial dating.

“Bob Jones never prohibited men and women of different races from getting married, they never had any laws, as I understand, they merely said in their statement of faith, they didn’t believe that the Bible supported interracial marriage and interracial activity. That was their belief,” Robertson said.

“Now, think what's going to happen to those who clearly read the Bible that a relationship between a man and a man is an abomination before the Lord. What are they going to do? Well, that means that people who broadcast that, people who have stations that broadcast that, people who are involved in schools that teach that, whether they are elementary schools, high schools, colleges, etc. The whole weight of the federal government will come down upon them and suddenly there will be a vendetta against those who merely say we believe the Bible says this. Is that what we want?”

Right Wing Watch points out that Robertson broadcasts his opposition to marriage equality from Virginia, a state where gay couples can marry, without facing any legal consequences.