President Barack Obama responded to a 5-year-old's message of marriage equality on his new Twitter account.

Yasmeen Faruqui tweeted her niece's letter to Obama's new @POTUS account.

“Please stop war for our world, instead have a meeting,” reads Yasmeen's handwritten note. “Please give a speech and tell everyone they can marry who they want.”

“Tell your niece I really like her letter,” Obama replied. “Couldn't agree more!”

Obama's reply was favorited more than 13,300 times and re-tweeted by more than 4,300 followers.

Tasha Faruqui, Yasmeen's mother, told ABC News that her daughter's words were her own.

“I just let her do her thing,” she said. “Those are absolutely her spontaneous ideas. … She has a mind of her own!”

Yasmeen will participate in a gay family member's wedding this fall. She penned the note after playmates told her that “boys can't marry boys.”

Yasmeen's aunt responded, “@POTUS She has been a long time supporter sir – you made her day!” along with a picture of Yasmeen waving a 2012 Obama campaign flag.