Luxembourg Primer Minister Xavier Bettel on Friday married architect Gauthier Destenav, making him the first European Union leader to marry a person of the same sex while in office.

Wearing dark suits, the men exchanged vows during a private ceremony officiated by Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer. Afterward, the couple greeted a crowd of about 250 outside city hall.

“I wish for everyone to be as happy as I am. Thank you to Luxembourg's people,” Bettel told the crowd as he hugged his new husband.

Among the guests was Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel.

“The message is one of good spirits, of joy, and of congratulations, and most importantly of happiness,” Michel told reporters. “This is the message I bring today.”

Shortly after Luxembourg's parliament approved a same-sex marriage bill last year, Bettel told The Los Angeles Times that he had accepted Destenay's marriage proposal.

“I said 'yes.' I have just one life and I don't want to hide my life,” he said.