The Laramie City Council on Wednesday approved a bill that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

According to the Casper Star Tribune, Laramie is the first city in Wyoming to approve such an ordinance since state lawmakers rejected a bill seeking statewide protections in February.

The council overwhelmingly (7-2) approved the measure that bans LGBT discrimination in housing, employment and public facilities such as restaurants.

In 1988, Matthew Shepard, 21, was brutally murdered outside Laramie by two men he met in a gay bar.

Shepard's murder was mentioned by residents and council members during Wednesday's meeting.

Councilwoman Vicki Henry said that she wanted to “right that wrong” about the college town's reputation for being unkind to gay and transgender people.

Judy Shepard, Matthew Shepard's mother and a vocal supporter of gay rights, told the AP: “I'm thrilled that Laramie's doing it, at the same time sort of saddened that the state of Wyoming can't see fit to do that as well. Maybe the rest of Wyoming will understand this is about fellow human beings and not something that's other than what they are.”

Gay couples started exchanging vows in Wyoming last year after a federal appeals court struck down the state's restrictive marriage ban.