A television advertisement being shown in the United Kingdom has been withdrawn after a gay rights group called it offensive.

The Associated Press is reporting that U.S.-based candy maker Mars is pulling a Snickers television ad in the United Kingdom that offended gay groups. The commercial features 80's star Mr. T in an armored truck shooting candy bars and ridiculing a gay stereotyped jogger. Mars says the ad was meant to be funny. But gay rights group Human Rights Campaign failed to find the humor.

“These kinds of ads perpetuate the notion that the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community is a group of second class citizens and that violence against GLBT people is not only acceptable, but humorous.” HRC said in a statement.

The ad is the second by the company deemed offensive by gay groups. In 2007, the company pulled a commercial which ran during Super Bowl XLI. That commercial featured two male mechanics having to do something “manly” after accidentally kissing.

The Snickers ad ends with the tagline “get some nuts.”