Franklin Graham has joined the chorus of conservatives beating on CBS' Bob Schieffer for asking Family Research President (FRC) Tony Perkins whether his group had taken their opposition to marriage equality “too far.”

During a recent Sunday appearance on Face the Nation, Schieffer welcomed Perkins to the show by reminding him that his group has been branded an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“Mr. Perkins, I'm going to say this to you upfront. You and your group have been so strong in coming out against this and against gay marriage that the Southern Poverty Law Center has branded the Family Research Council an anti-gay hate group,” Schieffer said. “We have been inundated by people who say we should not even let you appear, because in their view 'you don't speak for Christians.' Do you think you have taken this too far?”

Perkins answered “no” and went on to defend himself, saying that allowing gay couples to marry nationwide would lead to an “open season on people of faith.”

In a Facebook post, Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham and head of the Billy Graham Evangelist Association, called Schieffer's introduction an “attack.”

“Did you see where Face the Nation's Bob Schieffer attacked Tony Perkins and Family Research Council in what is being called an 'ambush' interview last week?” Graham rhetorically asked. “He accused Tony and FRC of being anti-gay. I know Tony. He's a great American and a strong Christian.”

“Just because Christians take a stand aligned with what the Word of God says is true, that doesn't mean we are anti-gay. It means that we love people enough to warn them. God tells us in His Word that lying is sin, stealing is sin, murder is sin, adultery is sin, homosexuality is sin … and 'the wages of sin is death.' The Bible says 'all have sinned,' and we want people to know that God will forgive them and give them eternal life if they turn from their sins and accept His Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior. In our world today, being bold enough to speak out on important biblical and moral issues means that we are targets of the liberal media's anti-Christian bias. But it doesn't mean that we stop.”

Writing at Media Matters for America, Carlos Maza praised Schieffer, saying Perkins will “likely think twice before agreeing to appear on CBS again.”

“Hate groups should be afraid of the sunlight and accountability that results from appearances in major media, which has a responsibility to reveal the agenda behind the facade,” he said.