Rosie O'Donnell's estranged wife Michelle Rounds reportedly wants a judge to force O'Donnell to submit to random drug testing.

O'Donnell, 52, and Rounds, 42, married in New York in June of 2012 after a brief courtship. They split up in November and announced that the marriage was over in February.

During the marriage, the women adopted Dakota, now 2. O'Donnell also has four older children from a previous relationship.

Rounds says she wants full custody of Dakota, claiming that O'Donnell's drinking makes her an unfit parent.

According to, Rounds will ask a judge on Tuesday to force O'Donnell to agree to random drug testing if the joint custody order currently in place becomes permanent. Rounds claims O'Donnell drinks a bottle of wine most nights and regularly smokes marijuana.

Rounds has previously stated that she has her own money and would walk away from a monetary settlement if O'Donnell agreed to give her full custody.

“I will walk away from every dime of Rosie's money if I get full custody,” she told TMZ.