Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, attended an event at the apartment of two gay hoteliers.

According to The New York Times, Mati Weiderpass and Ian Reisner, a former couple turned business partners, hosted Cruz and his wife, Heidi, at their Manhattan apartment on Monday. Roughly a dozen people attended the dinner and “fireside chat.”

“Ted Cruz said, 'If one of my daughters was gay, I would love them just as much,” Reisner told the Times.

Cruz is an outspoken opponent of marriage equality and has previously sided with supporters of so-called religious freedom laws and opponents of LGBT protections. Last week, Cruz called on Christians to “take a stand” against same-sex marriage through prayer as the Supreme Court looks at the issue.

“So the juxtaposition of Mr. Cruz being the guest of honor at a home owned by two of the most visible gay businessmen in New York City was striking,” the paper wrote.

Reisner and Weiderpass are partners at Parkview Developers. Out NYC, a hotel on West 42nd Street in Manhattan that caters to a gay clientele, is its most visible project. An OUTpost Pines Hotel to be located in the gay mecca of the Fire Island Pines is projected to open next summer.