Christian conservative Bryan Fischer warned Thursday that gay marriage will lead to Bible banning.

On his Focal Point radio program, Fischer told listeners that if the Supreme Court strikes down state bans on gay marriage, Christian churches will be shut down and the Bible will be “turned into Mein Kampf.”

“If the Supreme Court imposes same-sex marriage, then I'm suggesting to you they're going to turn the Bible into Mein Kampf,” Fischer stated.

“Anyone who opposes the normalization of homosexuality will be treated as a racist,” he added. “Anyone, from that day forward, in America who opposes the normalization of homosexuality, who opposes same-sex marriage, will be lumped together by the Supreme Court with the Nazis, with the KKK, with slave holders, and with Aryan supremacists. The Bible will be classified as hate speech from the beginning to the end and it won't be long before efforts are made to ban the Bible in public schools, to ban it in school libraries, to ban in it public libraries and to forbid the study of the Bible or the reading of the Bible on any campus in any public setting.”

However, it is not illegal to purchase, read or quote from Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler's personal manifesto.