Former Texas Governor Rick Perry was asked Tuesday whether he would attend the same-sex wedding of someone he loves.

Perry, a possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate, answered that while he remains opposed to marriage equality, he “probably would” attend.

“But I think the real issue here is that's the gotcha question that the Left tries to get out there,” he told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, who has asked other Republicans opposed to such union the same question, including former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who said it would be a “violation of his faith,” and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who ducked the question.

Hewitt, however, wasn't the first to ask the question of possible 2016 contenders. That honor goes to Jorge Ramos, host of Fusion's America, during an interview with Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who said he would attend.

Perry added that compared to the economy, such unions are “secondary or tertiary to the future of this country.” However, during the last presidential election cycle, Perry suggested that marriage equality was to blame for the nation's economic woes.

“The issue of traditional marriage is one that continues to bubble forward. And I happen to believe that if you're going to have a society that is successful – economically or otherwise – you're going to have to have values that you attach that society to,” he said.