Republican Indiana Governor Mike Pence on Thursday said he regrets the “misunderstanding” surrounding a so-called religious freedom law.

Passage of the measure sparked a backlash and criticism that it could open the door to discrimination against gay men and lesbians.

Just days after he appeared on ABC's This Week, where he insisted the law would not be changed, Pence asked lawmakers to “fix” the bill to include LGBT protections.

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“Despite my best efforts to correct misconceptions about the bill it was clear to me that it would be important for the legislature to act and clarify the bill,” he said. “There was never any intent to license discrimination.”

However, the fallout appears to have damaged Indiana's reputation, with two groups canceling major conventions scheduled to take place in Indianapolis.

“People around America know Indiana and they know Hoosiers,” Pence added. “I regret this misunderstanding. But we're determined to tell Indiana's story and very confident that the strong and good and compassionate reputation will go forward.”