Televangelist Pat Robertson claimed Monday that “the gays want to control everything.”

Robertson, an ardent opponent of gay rights, made his remarks during The 700 Club's Bring It On-Line segment, in which he answers viewers' questions.

“If same sex couples, especially those who are married, claim they are Christians, how can they continue to live this lifestyle? As a Christian, if they read the Bible they should know the Bible's definition of marriage is only between a man and a woman. Please help me understand,” a viewer wrote.

Robertson, who previously claimed that gays will die out because they don't reproduce, said it was about political correctness.

“The gays want to control everything. This is part of the left-wing agenda to do way with Christian values and to substitute for Christian values the progressive concepts of morality,” he said.

“If you show me one couple that conceived a child through anal intercourse, just show me one in all the world and I will say, 'I agree with you and you are right.' Show me one. There are 8 billion people, 7 billion, show me one time when a child was conceived by that kind of sexual activity.”

“It is unnatural. I'm sorry,” he added.