Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee blames the “militant gay community” for a backlash against so-called religious freedom bills.

Governors in Indiana and Arkansas on Thursday signed revised versions of the bills after business leaders and gay rights advocates voiced opposition to the measures. Critics said that the broad language in the laws might be used by businesses to refuse service to gay men and lesbians.

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Appearing on CNN, Huckabee lamented the role corporations played in pressuring lawmakers to rewrite the legislation.

“The reason that those corporations put the pressure on Indiana and Arkansas was because the militant gay community put the pressure on them,” Huckabee told host Michael Smerconish.

“I found it a little hypocritical when you have companies, and I love Walmart, [a] big company in my home state, but they do business in China, for gosh sake, I mean, I don't think the Chinese are exactly the paragon of human rights,” he said.

Apple Computer is “selling Apple computers in Saudi Arabia. Is Tim Cook going to pull out of there? I don't think so. He doesn't mind making millions, if not billions of dollars, in cultures and countries where human rights are really an issue,” Huckabee added.

While both companies did speak out against the legislation, neither threatened to pull out of Indiana or Arkansas.

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In January, Huckabee left his Fox News show, telling viewers he was considering a bid for the White House.