Super Talk Mississippi, which owns and operates seven conservative radio stations in Mississippi, issued a press release today stating that Michael Savage and his radio show Savage Nation had been canceled effective immediately. The radio broadcaster said Savage had crossed the line with comments he made about autistic children.

Last week, media watchdog Media Matters posted on their site a transcript from radio talk show host Michael Savage where he claimed that autism was a “fraud” and a “racket” where “99 percent of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out.”

Parents of autistic children were outraged. They said the comments were cruel and demanded an apology.

Instead of an apology, Savage lashed out at Media Matters. During Tuesday's three-hour Savage Nation broadcast, Savage called the group a “Stalinist,” “anti-family,” “illegitimate, dangerous fascist group.” He also asserted that the group “ha[s] no place in America.”

“It's interesting to me that I've devoted my entire adult life to defending the defenseless, and here I am, being attacked by those who do not have children, who hate children, who are anti-family in Media Matters, who take a statement that I make out of context and send it to the poor parents of autistic children and have them believe I'm their enemy. It's very, very clever, the devil. The devil is very clever, indeed,” Savage told his audience.

“[I]t's ironic that people who hate families and children – a group called Media Matters, filled with anti-family individuals who do not marry; they're men who like men – would take out of context comments that I made last week directed at the misdiagnosed, the falsely diagnosed, and the outright fakers in the autism field and try to make you, the parents of the truly autistic, attack me.”

Super Talk Mississippi said in a statement posted on their website: “Effective immediately, Michael Savage and his Savage Nation Radio Show has been canceled on all Super Talk Mississippi stations. Michael Savage's comments about Autistic children were beyond inexcusable and are unacceptable.”