An Idaho Republican lawmaker pushing an anti-gay bill responded to an activist taking over his website by comparing gays to “slave owners.”

Shepherd is championing a non-binding memorial to Congress that calls for the impeachment of federal judges who strike down state bans on gay marriage.

The measured last week cleared the House with a 44-25 vote.

Dylan Hailey, a 21-year-old college junior, purchased the expired domain of Shepherd's website ( Once in control of the domain, Hailey put up a new site that exposes Shepherd's anti-gay views.

“He likely bought it for an extended period of time and forgot to renew it or the staffer in charge of it forgot or quit,” Hailey told Motherboard, a blog.

He said that he was willing to give the domain back to Shepherd on the provision he makes a donation to an LGBT rights group.

“If he refuses but wants to buy it back anyway, then all the proceeds would go to an LGBT group, likely a local one in his area,” Hailey said.

When asked about the incident, Shepherd told Idaho Reports: “Slave owners were very good Christians and good people,” he said, adding that he's opposed to slavery. “They weren't terrible, rotten, horrible people. And that's how I see gay people.”