The victim of an assault in a Mississippi Walmart parking lot wants police to investigate the beating as a hate crime.

James David Scott, 23, allegedly assaulted 26-year-old Devin Norman around 1 PM on Friday.

Corinth Police Chief Ralph Dance said that the men argued over a Facebook post which he described as “apparently sexual in nature.”

Scott reportedly pushed Norman to the ground, kicked him several times in the face, and called him “faggot” before he fled the scene on foot.

“We've heard from several people, including the victim, that the suspect beat him up because he's homosexual,” Dance told WTVA. “So far, we don't have any proof that's the case.”

Scott told NBC affiliate WMC Action News 5 that Norman had threatened to out him by posting lewd pictures and messages between them to Facebook.

“I was screaming, and I said, 'Don't you dare post that. Don't you dare post that on Facebook,'” said Scott, who describes himself as a closeted bisexual. “I was in fear for what my kids were going to think. I wasn't ready to tell anybody.”

Norman said that he no longer has the photos and was bluffing.

“I was bluffing, hoping that he [Scott] would back away from me, because his body language was so threatening and violence scares me,” he said.

“I'm sorry for the physical damage,” Scott said, “but like I said before, you have no right to ruin someone's life. You have no right to threaten to do that to somebody. It's your right to be who you want to be; it's no one's right to tell your business.”

Police on Monday upgraded a simple assault charge to aggravated assault.

While Mississippi's hate crime law does not include sexual orientation, a federal statute could apply.