Season 2 of HBO's gay comedy-drama ended Sunday with many unanswered questions, one of which is: Will there will be a third season?

“I'm cautiously optimistic,” series creator Michael Lannan told “HBO has always given us a lot of support. They love the show.”

Lannan, however, acknowledged that the show has not been a ratings hit.

“[HBO realizes] there are other things more important than numbers,” he said. “Our numbers have been OK, just not incredible. HBO has been great and, hopefully, they will continue to be.”

While the show's central character, Patrick (played by Jonathan Groff), gets the guy (Kevin, played by Russell Tovey), the show's final scene leaves viewers wondering if it was what he wanted.

“Kevin's last line to Patrick of 'You just need to trust me,' sends Patrick in a certain direction and when he picks up that scapular out of the box, to me it's about trust and Patrick looking toward someone he does trust,” Lannan said.

As the season ends, Patrick finds himself at Richie's (Raul Castillo) barbershop for a haircut.

“I finally get to cut your hair,” Richie says as he turns on a hair clipper. “Are you ready?”

“I'm ready,” Patrick answers.