Presbyterian theologian Robert Gagnon claims “heterosexual guilt” is in part responsible for increasing support for marriage equality.

Gagnon appeared on the American Family Association (AFA) radio program Today's Issues to discuss the recent decision by the Presbyterian Church to alter its constitution to recognize the marriages of gay and lesbian couples.

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Host Ed Vitagliano asked Gagnon to explain the increasing support for gay rights.

Gagnon answered that there were “lots of factors,” including “heterosexual guilt.”

“A lot of heterosexuals have, you know, we've not done all that well in some areas of sexual ethics,” Gagnon said. “That includes issues of divorce, remarriage, that includes premarital sex, includes abortion. And if you can give a pass on the issue of homosexual practice, in effect it's a way of exempting our own guilt, and it's accommodating in a way that's self-serving.”