Gay rights activist, author and syndicated columnist Dan Savage has invited Ben Carson to suck his dick.

During an appearance on CNN's New Day, Carson, a possible GOP presidential candidate, said that prison can make people gay.

“Absolutely,” Carson answered when asked if being gay is a choice. “Because a lot of people go into prison straight and when they come out they're gay.”

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Later in the day, Carson apologized for the remark and vowed he would no longer talk about gay rights.

Savage, a co-founder of the It Gets Better campaign, responded in his syndicated column.

“If being gay is a choice, prove it,” he wrote. “Choose it. Choose to be gay yourself. Show America how that's done, Ben, show us how a man can choose to be gay. Suck my dick. Name the time and the place and I'll bring my dick and a camera crew and you can suck me off and win the argument.”