Televangelist Pat Robertson on Thursday advised a couple not to attend their gay child's wedding.

Robertson, an ardent opponent of gay rights, gave the advice during The 700 Club's Bring It On-Line segment, in which he answers viewers' questions.

“My spouse and I are not in agreement as to whether or not we should attend the gay marriage of our child. One of us feels that it is totally against the Lord's plan and our attendance would send (at very least) a mixed message, or at worse it would be like taking a stand for gay marriage. The other feels our attendance would show support to our child that is necessary for the future of our relationship and witness. What do you think we should do? Should one attend, while the other does not?” a viewer named Shari asked.

“You don't agree with it. You've got to stand there and be a witness to it,” Robertson answered. “By your attendance at the ceremony, you are agreeing with it. … I just wouldn't go. I would tell your child, 'I love you but I cannot condone this. We will always love you but I don't condone this activity.'”

Robertson went on to urge similarly situated parents to “be in unity” and “don't go.”