Texas legislators this week celebrated the 10th anniversary of the state's ban on gay marriage.

The festivities, according to the Austin American-Statesman, were held at the Capitol auditorium and included a cake which read “10th Anniversary of 2005 Marriage Act.”

“Might as well celebrate now, because the ban will likely be dead by the actual anniversary of its passage in November 2005,” wrote the Texas Observer, a reference to state and federal rulings that have declared the ban unconstitutional.

Texas Rep. Donna Campbell's introduction of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick received a standing ovation.

Representative Cecil Bell cut the cake, with Reps. Brian Birdwell and Molly White at his side.

David Pakman, host of the David Pakman Show, mocked the resulting picture that ran on the front cover of the Austin American-Statesman: “It looks like it's a picture of a gay wedding where two guys who have just gotten married are cutting the cake together. And it's just so ironic.”