The out characters played by Chris Colfer and Darren Criss on Glee got hitched during a double wedding on Friday's episode.

The Wedding featured the nuptials of Brittany Pierce (played by Heather Morris) and Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera).

Blaine Anderson (Criss) and Kurt Hummel (Colfer), who broke off their engagement last season and started dating new people, surprised fans when they agreed to exchange vows at the prompting of Brittany and Santana.

“What I think is groundbreaking is the response that our characters got,” Colfer told PEOPLE of the wedding. “That is what is truly groundbreaking about this story – the love that straight people, gay people and just the world has for all this.”

The actors said that were surprised by the popularity of Kurt and Blaine's romance.

“This is something that kind of grew legs of its own and it has now become not so much the relationship that our characters have on the show, but, like, this other creature...” Criss said.

“It's like the Kraken!” Colfer interrupted, a reference to the legendary sea monster.

“It's this monstrous thing that can do big things – but it's also a little scary!” Criss said.