A transgender teen's suicide note has gone viral on social media.

Zander Nicholas Mahaffey, 15, took his own life on Sunday. In a heartbreaking Tumblr post that he scheduled to be published after his death, Zander said, “I know in my heart I am a boy,” still “the [world] doesn't see me as one” and blamed his disabled mother for his death.

“It hurts so much to hate your mother,” he wrote. “It hurts to not know what it's like to have a 'mommy,' to know what a mother's love is, to feel cared for by a maternal figure.”

“You may be my mother but you are not my mom. I certainly won't miss you. Goodbye forever, you abusive piece of shit.”

Zander also spoke of being raped: “It hurts so much for [my mother] to mention the man that raped you, even though she knows it makes you angry and sad.”

According to his obituary, Zander was a freshman at South Cobb High School in Austell, Georgia.

In his suicide note, Zander requested of his friends that “if there are any memorials for me I want you both to make sure my right name and pronouns are used.”

However, his family reportedly used his birth name and female pronouns at his funeral. His tombstone and obituaries list him as “Sandra Nicole.”

An online response included a memorial Tumblr blog RIP Zander and creation of the hashtag #HisNameWasZander, which has been used over 8,000 times on Twitter. According to Vocativ.com, his suicide note was posted by thousands of Tumblr blogs.

Zander's death comes two months after an Ohio teen's highly publicized suicide. Leelah Alcorn also left a Tumblr suicide note in which she blamed her Christian parents for her death.

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