Singer-songwriter Kid Rock has said that he disagrees with Republicans on social issues.

In an interview with The New York Times, Rock, who endorsed Mitt Romney for president in 2012, is asked whether he'll endorse a GOP candidate next year.

“When I see other people do it, when I see Springsteen and Jay-Z do it, I'm like, What a bunch of idiots,” Rock said. “And then I'm looking in the mirror like, You're an idiot, too. Pot, meet kettle. I'm very interested in the things that Ben Carson has to say. I'm very interested in our governor in Michigan [Rick Snyder], who is bringing Detroit out of bankruptcy. I 'd love to see him go for the gold, because he's a nerd, and he's an accountant. But at this point, I just don't know. It's definitely not on my list of things to do.”

When asked whether he leans libertarian, Rock answered: “Fiscally, I'm Republican. But the social issues kill me – gay marriage and abortion. It's like, Come on, man, get off it. There's so many big problems we got that we really need to address in this country.”

For the record, Carson is a vocal opponent of marriage equality and Governor Snyder continues to defend Michigan's restrictive marriage ban.

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