Murray Bartlett, who plays Dom on HBO's Looking, says openly gay actors have “an upper hand” when playing gay roles.

“I think definitely when you're playing a role, your own personal experience that's similar to a character's can really help,” Bartlett told MetroSource Magazine.

“Some of the straight actors do ask specifics about, 'What happens in this situation?' or 'Where does that go?' So we have an upper hand in some areas.”

Looking, which revolves around three gay friends living in San Francisco, features four openly gay actors, including Bartlett, Jonathan Groff, Russell Tovey and Daniel Franzese.

“But I feel like the straight actors we have on this show are incredible in their ability to – regardless of gender and sexuality – really connect to the intimacy of moments they're in.”

Bartlett singled out Scott Bakula, who plays his onscreen boyfriend.

“I feel like Scott Bakula is a magic that happens on camera,” Bartlett said. “He is incredibly open as an actor and came in to this role and this show with a lot of affection and generosity. ... We have a really lovely rapport, and hopefully that reads.”