A lawsuit against celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton, aka Armando Lavandeira, Jr., has been filed in Cleveland, Ohio, claiming $25 million in damages. The lawsuit stems from a web post where a reader's email was displayed after she called him a “fat gay pig.”

Diane Wargo's email address was posted on PerezHilton.com along with her rant about Angelina Jolie. Wargo wrote in an email to Perez Hilton: “Perez you are a FAT GAY PIG! Angelina is a ugly whore! You love her because she is a fag lover! Her brother is a gay little jerk just like your fat ugly ass! MANGELINA is a disgusting gross skank!”

While her comments were made in an email, Wargo has stated that the website's privacy policy should have protected her from disclosure. The policy states, “PerezHilton.com respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it all times.”

Still, on December 27, 2007 Wargo's comments, her full name and email, and a response from her employer were included in a post titled “You are an idiot.”

Wargo, who had used a company email system to make her remarks, was fired from her job after receiving numerous harassing phone calls and emails at work. Supervisors also reported received numerous phone calls.

Lawyers argue that Hilton purposefully retaliated against Wargo, knowing full well that his posting would result in harassment and possible dismissal.

“The fact that Hilton left the private information up on his website after Wargo and her children received death threats speaks volumes about him and those that continue to sponsor him,” Wargo's attorney Brian Spitz said in a prepared statement.