In a recent HuffPost Live interview, actor-singer Cheyenne Jackson talked about his recent marriage to entrepreneur Jason Landau.

Jackson entered his second marriage – his first to Monte Lapka ended after roughly 2 years of marriage and 13 years together – in September in California.

“We met two years ago,” Jackson said of his new husband. “It was just one of those things. I was not looking… I didn't think I'd find love again. I didn't think I'd find love so soon, but you know, I just decided to be open to it and it's been great. And we just had our 4-month wedding anniversary. My parents walked me down the aisle. It was really, really beautiful.”

“I definitely want to be a dad. For sure. My whole life I've seen that happen for me, but I don't know when. Jason, my husband, is also of like mind, in that we definitely want to see that to happen, but we're newlyweds so we want to definitely spend some time together before we embark.”

The 39-year-old Jackson is best known for guest spots on Glee and 30 Rock. He currently can be seen in the film Love is Strange, which features John Lithgow and Alfred Molina as a married couple, and his new cabaret act Eyes Wide Open at the Carlyle Cafe in New York City.