Max Adler told gay glossy Out that he is excited to return to Glee for its sixth and final season.

At the show's start, Adler's Dave Karofsky endlessly tormented Kurt (played by Chris Colfer) for being gay. In a later season, Dave attempted to kill himself after Kurt rejected his advances and his teammates bullied him when they discovered his sexuality.

Now as the series prepares to take its final bow, Dave returns to begin a romance with Blaine (Darren Criss), who is on the rebound after breaking up with Kurt.

Adler told that he was surprised to hear from producers.

“I definitely thought I was done with Glee forever,” he said.

“I was excited to get to work with Darren [Criss] and Chris [Colfer] again. Six years later, we have such history both on and off set, and there's such a rapport.”

“I'm just excited to have the opportunity to be back on set,” he added. “It wasn't about who I'm romantically linked to, it was more the fact that they chose to show that Karofsky has gone from this homophobic bully to now have accepted being homosexual and being out and comfortable enough to be seen with a man in public, at a bar and a football game. I just thought that was a really nice, complete arc. To watch season 1 and then to see this, it's a full circle that's a nice ending for all the fans of Karofsky to see him happy and see that he's OK post-suicide attempt. He's smiling and happy and content and not a care in the world. What a big shift for him personally.”