Tennis legend Martina Navratilova recently told The New York Times that her marriage to Julia Lemigova has changed her life.

The women married last month in New York, roughly three months after the 58-year-old Navratilova proposed at the US Open. She popped the question during a break from her commenting duties for the Tennis Channel, presenting her longtime girlfriend with a three carat diamond engagement ring, the New York Post's Page Six reported at the time.

Lemigova, a 42-year-old former beauty queen, has two children from a previous marriage and is the founder and CEO of luxury skincare line Russie Blance.

“I want to write an article about it, how much it changes your life,” Navratilova told the Times.

“You just feel much stronger. For me, it's: Don't mess with my relationship. Don't mess with my family. It really gives you validation and gives you kind of a wall that you can lean on if something happens.”

Speaking about her daughters, she added: “I've been in their lives the majority of their lives. They've thought about me as a parent for a long time, but now, again, it's validated.”