The Supreme Court on Friday took no action on cases challenging gay marriage bans in five states.

The justices discussed for the first time appeals from four cases out of the Sixth Circuit, the lone appeals court to uphold such bans, and Louisiana, but did not agree to hear any of them. Cases out of the Sixth Circuit include challenges to bans in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

To be included in the current term, justices must choose to hear one or more of the cases this month.

In October, the high court allowed appellate court rulings striking down bans in Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wisconsin and Indiana to take effect. Since then, justices have consistently refused to intervene in other cases, effectively increasing the number of states where gay couples can marry to 36, with Florida being the latest.

However, the five cases currently before the court differ in that each upheld restrictive state marriage bans as constitutional.

The justices may reconsider the cases as early as Monday.

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