A new survey finds increasing support for allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.

The nonprofit RAND Corporation surveyed 2,718 members of the American Life Panel (ALP) in October. According to RAND, the ALP is a “nationally representative sample of more than 5,000 individuals age 18 and over.”

On Monday, October 6, the Supreme Court declined to hear appeals from five cases challenging bans in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. The decision effectively struck down bans in those states.

RAND grouped responses based on a state's status before and after the court handed down its decision.

RAND found a large majority (62.4%) of Americans support marriage equality.

Support was significantly higher in states where it was legal prior to October 5, 2014 by court order, with 69.7 percent of respondents in favor.

Approval was 66.3 percent in states where it was legalized by popular vote or legislative act.

In states where it was not legal, 57.4 percent favored such unions.

Majority support (55.6%) was also found in states where it became legal by court order after October 5, 2014.