Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), has accused Apple CEO Tim Cook of telling “the biggest gay lie of 2014.”

In his coming out op-ed, Cook said that he was “proud to be gay” and considered being gay among the “greatest gifts” that God had given him.

Cook “implicated our Heavenly Father in his sinful behavior. For that, AFTAH is declaring Tim Cook for having told the biggest gay lie of 2014,” LaBarbera told Crosstalk host Jim Schneider.

“God has nothing to do with his homosexual behavior. So what he and the homosexual activist lobby are doing is they're using, they're trying to steal away Christianity and God to try to affirm their lifestyle, because they're so desperate to legitimize it,” he said.

LaBarbera also attacked Cook in a recent email to supporters, warning that if the executive does not renounce being gay then he “will spend eternity without Him in a place called Hell.”