A poll released Sunday finds increasing support for marriage equality in Omaha and among younger Nebraskan voters.

According to a statewide poll of 800 registered voters conducted by Victory Phones and commissioned by the World-Herald, a majority (64%) of Nebraskans oppose allowing gay couples to marry, while 34 percent support such unions.

Opposition was highest among older voters, with 67 percent of those 66 or older opposed.

But adult voters under the age of 50 were roughly split on the issue.

And in Omaha, a plurality of voters support marriage equality: 46 percent in support, 41 percent opposed.

A challenge to Nebraska's ban is pending in federal court.

A similar lawsuit to Missouri's ban is further along, with a federal judge last month declaring the state's ban unconstitutional. The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis is expected to review the case in the new year. Should the court uphold the ruling, Nebraska would be among the five states with bans in place affected.