The Salt Lake Tribune on Wednesday named the three couples who challenged Utah's ban on gay marriage and won their Utahns of the Year.

“These six people put their names to the lawsuit challenging Amendment 3,” the paper wrote. “They stood up, stood together and helped history along.”

“Because of these Utah plaintiffs – who bravely made public their most private lives – the state took an unlikely position among the vanguard in the biggest civil-rights movement of the day. Forever, their names will be associated with a tidal wave of change that swept the country.”

“For that, Derek Kitchen and Moudi Sbeity, Karen Archer and Kate Call, Laurie Wood and Kody Partridge are The Salt Lake Tribune Utahns of the Year.”

Roughly a year ago, scores of gay couples tied the knot on a Friday after a federal judge struck down Utah's ban as invalid. More than 900 couples exchanged vows before the U.S. Supreme Court intervened, putting the ruling on hold as the state pursued an appeal.

Officials argued that the ban fostered “responsible procreation” and claimed “sovereign” right to define marriage in Utah. But the arguments failed to sway a 3-judge panel of an appeals court.

On October 6, the Supreme Court denied the state's request for review, allowing the appeals court's ruling declaring the ban unconstitutional to stand.

Opposition to marriage equality in Utah remains higher than the national average. A poll conducted in August found 61 percent of respondents opposed, though a majority (51%) of respondents under 24 said that they support such unions.