Canadian porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta, 32, has been found guilty in the 2012 murder of a Chinese exchange student.

According to the AFP, Magnotta will serve a life sentence for the murder of Lin Jun, 33, who was dating Magnotta.

Magnotta, dubbed “Canadian Psycho” by the media, dismembered Lin and mailed parts of his body to the headquarters of Canada's ruling Conservative Party. Magnotta also created and distributed a disturbing video in which he is seen stabbing Lin with an ice pick and dismembering him as music from the film American Psycho plays in the background.

He was arrested in a Berlin Internet cafe after leading police on an international manhunt.

The owner of the cafe told the AP at the time that one of his employees recognized Magnotta from news reports and flagged down a passing police car. Magnotta reportedly did not put up a struggle when he was apprehended by arresting officers, saying only, “You got me.”

Magnotta's lawyer argued that his client was insane when he killed Lin.

“Insanity is insanity,” he told the jury in French.