Spanish author and television personality Sandra Barneda has come out gay.

The 39-year-old Barneda is a co-host of the Telecinco political show Un Tiempo Nuevo (A New Time) and talk show Hable Con Ellas (Talk With Women).

Patricia Yurena, a Spanish actress and Miss Spain 2013, was a guest on Hable Con Ellas.

Yurena announced earlier this year on Instagram that she's in a relationship with Vanesa Klein, a DJ, making Yurena the first openly gay active national beauty queen.

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During Wednesday's show, Barneda was asked to answer questions posed to beauty pageant contestants.

“If there was a nuclear holocaust, what couple, man and woman, would you choose to preserve and multiply the human species?” asked Jose Corbacho, who was dressed in drag.

“My partner, who is a woman and I won't tell you her name, and the most handsome and fertile guy on Earth,” Barneda answered.

According to El Correo, Barneda is the first Spanish television host to come out gay.