A state judge on Wednesday granted Florida's fist divorce of a gay couple.

Circuit Judge Dale Cohen dissolved the Vermont civil union of Heather Brassner and Megan Lade.

The women exchanged vows in 2002. According to Brassner, the relationship soured four years ago after Lade cheated on her and soon after disappeared.

A divorce in Vermont is not possible because the state wants Lade to sign off on the split.

“It's like an emotional weight being lifted off,” Brassner said. “I just feel free and I couldn't have gotten a better holiday gift.”

To grant the divorce, Cohen declared Florida's 2008 voter-approved gay marriage ban invalid.

“Florida's prohibition on same-sex marriage denies some citizens, based on their sexual orientation, the fundamental right to marry, and does so without a legitimate state purpose,” Cohen wrote in a ruling handed down last week. “This Court finds these laws are unconstitutional and GRANTS the Petitioner's Motion For Declaratory Relief, declaring Florida's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.”

Brassner's attorney Nancy Brodzki said she expects Cohen's ruling will be appealed.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on Monday asked the Supreme Court to delay the implementation of a federal judge's ruling ordering state officials to begin issuing marriage licenses to gay couples after January 5. Justice Clarence Thomas asked for all briefs on the request to be filed by late Thursday.