In explaining his support for marriage equality, Jack Antonoff, the guitarist of the American band fun, said that the issue is “black and white.”

Fun, which also includes lead vocalist Nate Ruess and instrumentalist Andrew Dost, has been a vocal supporter of gay rights, in particular the right to marry.

Emmy-winning actress Lena Dunham (Girls) has repeatedly vowed not to marry boyfriend Antonoff until her gay sister Mary can wed in “all places.”

Appearing on Larry King Now, Antonoff compared gay rights to civil rights.

“It's one of the only issues that I can think of right now that's entirely black and white,” Antonoff told host Larry King. “I don't see any other side to it. I see no argument.”

“You know politics, the economy, international affairs, you look at all the stuff, there's so much nuance, there's so much gray area. … There is no middle ground.”

“You're either for it or against it?” King asked.

“Well, it's a human rights issue.”

“Yeah, a civil rights issue,” King added.

“It's so important to realize, to not be paralyzed and say, 'We're in that moment.' We're in that moment when you can still have a debate with someone about trans rights, gay rights. That's crazy. 10, 20 years from now my kids will say, they won't even understand it, the same way I don't understand that kind of racism,” Antonoff explained. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)