Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on Monday asked the Supreme Court to stay a ruling that struck down the state's ban on gay marriage.

Less than two weeks ago, a federal appeals court refused Bondi's request to block the ruling from taking effect next month.

Without intervention from the Supreme Court, gay couples will begin exchanging vows on January 6.

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In her application for an emergency stay addressed to Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, Bondi argued that gay couples would only be allowed to marry in the one county named in the lawsuit, which would lead to confusion.

“The public interest is not served by having two sets of marriage laws in Florida or by confusion about the law,” Bondi wrote.

Daniel Tilley, a lawyer with the ACLU, which represents some of the plaintiffs, denied the state's claim, saying the ruling would apply statewide.

“I don't think concerns about confusion are sincere or that they in any event overcome the very real and substantial harms that continue to befall families across this state,” Tilley said.