Speaking with SiriusXM Progress, Robbie Rogers confirmed that he and television producer Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) have split.

Rogers, 27, who last year became the MLS' first openly gay player, is on a book tour promoting a memoir on his experience titled Coming Out To Play.

“We dated for a year and a half. And we split up. Stuff happens,” Rogers said. “We're still friends. And we're very supportive of each other.”

In August, Berlanti told gay male entertainment blog The Backlot that the pair had been dating for about a year and he was “absolutely crazy in love” with Rogers.

Rogers said this week that he didn't talk about the breakup publicly because “it's a small town and people figure out things.”

He added that he does not think a lot of people care about his personal life.

“I understand that my personal life is going to be more and more in the spotlight,” Rogers said. “And it's not going to stop me from dating people or being public about it. I just want to live a normal life.”