Logan Robertson, pastor at Westcity Bible Baptist Church in New Zealand, has acknowledged sending an abusive email in which he prayed for a gay author to commit suicide.

Jim Marjoram of Auckland shares his story of attempting to “pray” the gay away in his just released memoir It's Life Jim...: A Journey and Spiritual Reconciliation via the Road of Fundamentalist Religion. Proceeds from the book help fund his project Silent Gays, which aims to help gays “broken by guilt, shame, abuse and fear that Christianity has mercilessly dealt out to God's precious people for too long.”

Robertson prayed for Marjoram to commit suicide and called him a “filthy child molesting fag” in responding to an email promoting the book and project.

“We are not interested in your filthy lifestyle or book,” Robertson wrote. “The Bible says you are vile, strange (queer), reprobate, sodomite, natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed (2 Peter 2:12). I pray that you will commit suicide, you filthy child molesting fag.”

Marjoram shared Robertson's email on social media, where it sparked outraged.

“I didn't tell him to go and commit suicide,” Robertson told NZME News Service. “I said, I prayed that he would. All I did was write what I wrote, and then I prayed about it that he would, and that's it. There's nothing more to say.”

Marjoram told GayNZ.com that he was a “worship leader” in Living Waters, an organization that attempts to turn gay people straight.

“I was married for 22 years to a wonderful woman. And we tried to work through it together and were totally committed. But she died in 2011, after which I had a meltdown and finally admitted I was gay and unable to change,” Marjoram said.

Human Rights Commissioner Richard Tankersley condemned the email.

“New Zealanders who preach hate and violence are fundamentalists, they are extremists and they are the problem,” he said. “[M]ost New Zealanders will find it offensive and unacceptable.”