Robbie Rogers has said that coming out has changed his life.

The 27-year-old Rogers last year became the MLS' first openly gay player.

The ranks of openly gay professional athletes increased with the coming outs of Jason Collins and Michael Sam. But Collins recently announced his retirement from the NBA and Sam is currently without an NFL team, leaving Rogers the last man standing.

In a new interview with the Daily News to promote his just-released memoir, Coming Out To Play, Rogers said that he's still working through issues associated with his sexuality.

“For such a long time I felt there was something wrong with me. Now that I'm out, I still have to work through that stuff. People don't realize even after you come out you still have 25 years of dealing with these emotions and they don't just go away like that,” he told the paper.

“I couldn't have proper relationships with people because I was so afraid to open up to anyone and for people to really get to know me. I've come a long way.”

“Coming out has changed every aspect of my life. I have real relationships now,” he added.